Yesterday I saw Raazi and its such a compelling,mesmerizing movie that I wanted to document here about it.It is so astonishing that such a brave story is real.Its about a family..kashmiri family where they believe and do also that there is nothing more important than, Its a lesson to everybody that today people think about always big cars, big houses and lavish life style and even if they get it at the cost of problem, no hesitation and here is a family where a dying father sends his 20 year old only daughter to Pakistan to spy for the country..
The way Alia has essayed the role, she deserves the best award..mind blowing and she looks so beautiful and Vicky kaushal is looking so innocent and handsome as Pakistani army officer..and all the assembled cast has done so well..Jaideep Ahlawat as Raw trainer, then Rajit kapoor as father is awesome.Movie is so real ..the way they train a young girl who is so sensitive that she cant see even  a squirrel getting hurt …


For a long time i want to see Bandipur and since i have membership of country club also, this time when i got a chance I  booked it. and luckily I got it also.I would like to share my journey and experience, may be it can be useful somewhere to someone.
From Chennai we took kaveri express to Mysore, its an overnight journey,it reaches Mysore around 7 AM, so there we took some coffee and dosa at the railway station, though later we came to know that A2B is next door. And then we looked for a cab, We hired a cab for two days, he charged us 4000/.for two days. and then we started towards Bandipur. Its a one and half hour journey, after one hour or 45 minutes we reached Gundlepet, where if one wanted to eat or buy something one could, after that its forest area.
Drive all the way is very beautiful, and country club is located in Mangala village, surrounded by forest on all sides, there most of the properties are electrically wired to stop wild animals entering at night.In that area, afte…


I am totally fed up of seeing those happy new year messages everywhere..isnt there over dose of greetings everywhere? Does it make anyone feel better?

I really dont understand modern Etiquette, specially on Facebook..and whatsapp...

People sending 10 times happy new year,in fact if one gets the same message 20 times, one is forwarding all to all in one" contact.. then individually posting on face book and then there in the comments all friends affirming ..I thought liking any post means we affirm the statement..
In whats app, if i share something then it means i agree with that and like that , I share it to MY people, I dont need reactions which mean nothing..And if i get a forward , and there is something special to say about that i say, otherwise I dont believe in just giving reactions like .thumbs up or smileys.though i am guilty of doing that sometimes due to peer pressure:)

Arent we creating bulk of digital trash for nothing? if we have so much of free time why not put it to s…


I am going to share some experiences  with the girls obsessed with their parents. I want to say categorically that i am not against daughters looking after their parents, but  these are the instances where they brought lot of problems in the other households.

Such girls marry for their own comfort, they never really feel any love affection or respect for their husbands even leave aside inlaws..but they want their spouse to respect and care for their parents.

On every small small thing..good or bad they run to their parents,without worrying about their own family(husband and kids only because inlaws are never considered family) leaving husbands with children .

Their priorities always remain with their parents, nobody else.But how can they grow as a family and get roots? Earlier we used to say for the boys that dont marry if you want to be a son only, today i want to say the same to daughters that dont marry if you want to be a daughter only.

And the main culprits are parents who bring…


If you worry about mother you should do this.

If you want to make your parents happy you must do this.

This is the least you can do after what we have done for you.

Have you heard all these sentences? I hear all them all the time from so many people. Is it the way life has to be or should be?? NO..Everybody has one life even your children, so let them live independently. And blackmailing them with the  sentence that their end is near so they should fully concentrate on them  is again misleading because life and death both are very uncertain, nobody knows how long he/she is going to live whether young or old.

I see many parents outliving the consider the parents children  relationship very sacred and selfless but is that really so.I dont think so. In most of the families I see that parents are main reason for the conflicts in life.

I would never like to send my children on a guilt trip for anything and everything.I want them to fulfill their dreams and live a happy life…

Customer service

Today I realized what is customer service and the changes in the attitude of big stores and small stores.
Today i just went to a near buy local store for vegetable shopping and I bought two packets of milk,also. while billing i realized that one was leaking and when I tried to pick it up, it wet my dress also. But the counter person says that you will have to pay for this as you have done it. Whereas I am a very particular person, I didnt put it below heavy items or anything, and he was so rude that if I had a choice, i would never go that store again. Though i called the manager and he said that I am not supposed to pay for this.

Now if I go to a reputed store, big one, the person there would first take note of MY inconvenience, and apologize for that and clean the mess and would never ask me to pay for this.Customer satisfaction is a big point there.

Most of the local kirana stores  keep the prices arbitrarily,and then they complain abut hyper stores eating their business. So many …

Can you suggest something?

This is a personal problem of my close friend, she is not able to find the solution to it, so I am posting here, may be somebody could tell her what to do.

It relates to her husband, he is always doing what he likes, without giving any consideration of her feelings, like he would welcome  many people to their home, and expect her to be very hospitable and do everything for them, though these people may have insulted her and even now dont give her any respect or love, not even to her husband, but whenever they need they suck up to him and he is all theirs.there are some who havent done anything for her her or her family in last 20 years.Even if the need arose, they were not there for them.

She feels very hurt that her husband has no consideration of how she feels, according to her, her feeling should be more important than other people, whether they are his friends or relatives.

What do you think? Should she allow him to trample her sentiments and  tolerate it? It hurts her self respe…