Tuesday, August 30, 2016


Now a days whenever i open the newspaper i see someone or other felicitating the Olympic winners..Isnt it that we Indians always do over the top things, we criticize for nothing, and once someone achieves something we go out of the way to praise. I am not saying that they dont deserve it, they deserve it truly  BUT.arent we going overboard with the bounties?
Instead now is the time to retrospect...
what is wrong in our system?
somebody should look  into the complaints of sports persons during the games
And then instead of giving everything to these few why not bring  a system where all the aspiring players get support.
If all the corporates sponsor even one player of any game, we can have thousands of good sports people and players dont have to suffer for basic things.

Sunday, June 19, 2016


This post is spurred by Shilpa's comment on my last post:). Actually i always wonder that when people go abroad they always change their way of dressing. Those who start living there, it may be out of necessity also, but for a short trip I dont understand the reason. Either they are not happy wearing what they wear here or..dont know what. For me i am the same person wherever i go. I wear what I like and find comfort in..So many times people suggest me to make new clothes when I am going out, but I  dont. Though i wear cotton only, still i wear the same. When i wear sarees there at festivals and special occasions, I get so many ooh and aahs and wows..even from my generation, because most of them go either for salwar kameez or jeans and top.

Attire for me is completely a comfort equation...whatever I feel good in, I wear,cant wear anything for the sake of fashion only. Yes one thing I take care that my choices should never embarrass my family:)..For me.yes clothes make a person, but what is inside thats more important

Thursday, June 16, 2016

Few Pics

San marco..the central place in Venice.In most of the European cities, there will be a central place called Piazza where there would be many restaurants, shops and some other entertainment like music etc.

This is the view we get while travelling by ferry.

Wednesday, May 25, 2016


Daily I feel like writing something and then just leave it..may be i need to get back the flow once again. Been out of town also very frequently. Recently i went to Venice and it was such a nostalgic trip, I went there in 79, when my son was 3 year old , and now my son took me there and his son is five yr old now:).
But Venice has changed or may be i have, i didnt find the romance in the air as i did earlier.now its just a crowded place. and the same way merchandise is also changed, earlier venice was about gandolas in all variety of materials and accompaniements  and statues,leather goods and crystal..today they have the same things which other Italian cities have.
We went to see Verona.city of Romeo Juliet and i was surprised to see the huge crowd wanting to take pictures near Casa juliette and see the place..so much fascination for doomed lovers,but does anyone tries to love like that today..its about self only.
In Italy i found people driving so carelessly and without following the rules..reminded me of my own country:)

Monday, January 4, 2016

some baby products

Recently I came to know about some baby products manufactured by Curatio healthcare co.They are manufactured after lot of research and they specialise in dermatology.You may check their website also..here. Since my children were coming, so I waited for them to try these products.

One of them is  B4 NAPPI WIPES..These are quite good, almost as good as we get abroad,.soft,smells good and is 99/ for 30 wipes..

Second one we tried was nappy cream..This one is very good, though its meant for babies only at every diaper change, personally I think anyone can use it for rashes, very effective.

Third one is Shampoo..SPOO..its tear free,Clinically its good,good for baby,s scalp and no fragrance.
Its 155/ for 75 ml

Then there is one spray..Melipox..anti itch spray..about it, i was very happy because my children get lot of itching here, due to humidity, mosquito bites and heat.So I tried it, it was mildly effective..

Thursday, December 31, 2015

New Year begins

Last 2 months have been very hectic for me, and I have lost touch with all my friends on blogger..I hope to catch up soon...

In the past year many important things happened to me..but with some catches.
Like we were blessed with a granddaughter, but couldnt go to see her for 7 months..
My nephew got married to his childhood sweetheart, but my husband couldnt join us,
My daughter and son.inlaw came but couldnt stay with us much because they couldnt reach Chennai due to floods.
My husband went to Belgium two times but I couldnt accompany him even once.

Today when i think about life and my expectations,..I feel that i want peace more than anything..I dont have any desire for any materialistic things..whatever i have i am very happy with that, but I want to surround myself with like minded people, people who respect elders..one thing which irritates me no end is the rudeness and aggression for no reason, .I want to say that to all  that choose your battles carefully...define your priorities in life and be sensible.

My own resolution for this year is to learn to say NO.to anything which I cant do or dont want to do.and to some people..even...

Here comes a brand new year for you to enjoy and accept the realities of life. Fill them with whatever your heart desires without any regrets this year. Stay blessed. 

Saturday, December 12, 2015


I have been absent for a long time and lot of big things happened..good and bad both..bad..flood in Chennai...my husband was supposed to take a flight on first December, he was boarded and sat there for five hours, and then they were disembarked and..nobody knew whats happening..and later it was impossible to reach home even..it was a nightmare as ph lines got dead, no electricity in the home, I was in Udaipur and couldnt even contact him, and then came to know about the destruction...people lost lives, houses everything...it takes a lifetime to make a home and it was destroyed in a jiffy..All because of some people,s greed and incompetence of officials..people living near the sea and getting flooded..
All the time govt. gives relief money, I wish that they spend the same money in prevention,, so that there is no misery for common man,no loss of home and life..now nothing can bring all that back..

And the good thing was that my nephew got married to his childhood sweetheart, in the bargain we were able to seedaipur which is a lovely place to see. Its much cheaper than Chennai.It has good food,and lot of things to shop. We saw lake palace..jagdish Temple and shilp gram. Ship gram is good to see only when there is any exhibition going on, otherwise its just an abandoned place